Payment of venue hire is required to secure a booking. In the event of non-payment of these fees within 7 days, we shall be entitled to cancel a booking / event without further notice or liability to the client.

In the case where a function is cancelled, the deposit is not refundable no matter the time period.


Venue Set-up:

– A time and date will be confirmed by us for set-up of the venue.

– The venue will be ready with tables, cutlery, crockery & glassware upon set-up arrival time.

– All other décor needs to be set-up by the bridal party themselves. § Décor & props must be removed from the venue a day after your function.


Risk / Loss / Damages

-We reserve the right to charge for any breakages / loss / damage that may occur as a result of the client, his/her guests, relatives or service providers utilising the venue or any of its facilities and equipment, glassware, cutlery, crockery, table linen & napkins.

-A damage deposit of R2000 is payable with your final payment. All damages or breakage will be deducted from this amount and the outstanding amount will be refunded to the client within the week after the function.

The following will be deducted from the damage deposit:

– Candle wax or burning marks on table cloths, overlays or napkins.

– Breakage of any cutlery.

– Damage to the venue or any buildings/plants

– Candles may not be placed directly on the linen.

– While we offer emergency water tanks and a full backup generator, we shall not be held liable for interruptions or services (water, electricity, sanitary services).

– While every precaution will be taken to ensure the safeguarding of your belongings, we will not be held liable for loss or damage to any property whatsoever (décor props, wedding gifts, valuables, etc.) We recommend that all personal and valuable property be removed directly after the wedding

– Should the building, surrounding gardens, décor or drapery be damaged by the client or clients’ supplier during the set-up or break down operations of the function, the client shall be held responsible and will be billed accordingly.

-The customer shall not be entitled to paint, affix or attach any matter to the walls of the function room.

– The entire venue is used at own risk.

– Any additional items should be supplied or hired by the client at the client’s cost, i.e. different shaped tables or linen other than that supplied by the venue.

– No fireworks will be allowed on the property.

– No permanent alterations are allowed, including nails or hooks in the walls, roofs or frames.

– We only allow environmentally and bio-disposable friendly confetti.


Bar Services

– Wine orders need to be placed two weeks prior to a function.

– A corkage fee of R80.00 will be charged per bottle of local Sparkling wine and wine. Corkage will only be granted on special request. Various billing options are available:

– Cash bar: guests pay for their own drinks.

– Open bar: client to pay for all drinks consumed by guests.

– Limited open bar: client to pay for certain specified drinks consumed by guests, or client to pay for all drinks consumed by guests up to a predetermined limit.

– Cash bar: Should you opt to make use of a strictly cash bar option; any outstanding/unpaid accounts will be automatically transferred to the bride and groom’s account.

– Should the outstanding amount be recouped, the bride and groom will be refunded.

– Limited open bar: Should you opt to make use of a limited open bar clients are welcome to set a limit on the total bar expenditure for their account. In order to maintain control of this account, we are willing to supply a regular update of the bar account during the function.

– No alcohol will be served to any person under the legal drinking age of eighteen.

– No alcohol will be served after 12:00pm

– We reserve the right to close the bar at any time should there be any irregularities on the guest’s behalf.

– Guests are not permitted in the bar.

– Bar prices are subject to change without prior notice.

– Hooting and loud music (playing music out of a car) will not be permitted in public areas.

– A designated area will be allocated for a bon fire on request. To prevent veldfires no unauthorized fires will be allowed.



– Due to the smoking legislation, smoking is strictly prohibited unless in designated smoking areas. No smoking inside the venue, bathroom or accommodation rooms is permitted.

– If any fire is started due to negligence of the customer or guests, we have the right to take legal action.


Service providers:

– All service providers (photographers, videographers, DJ and Pastor) are viewed as part of the guest list.

– The bridal couple need to include the total amount of service providers attending the wedding, as part of the final guest list.


Final appointment:

A final appointment will take place approximately 4 weeks prior to the function. All the finer details for the function will be discussed including:

– Menu.

– Set-up requirements.

– Floor plan.

– Full bar arrangements including pre-reception drinks and sparkling wine for toasts and speeches.

– An order of events (program of the day’s activities).

– The client must confirm all changes and cancellation in writing.


Cancellation policy:

– In the event of non-payment of the fees within the time specified, we shall be entitled to cancel a booking, after giving the client written notice giving them 7 days to rectify, but no later than 48 hours prior to the function.

– In the event that a wedding/function is cancelled by us, for any reason other than due to the default of the client of the terms of this agreement, we will immediately refund all amounts paid to date by the client.

– The client must confirm all changes and cancellations in writing.


Marketing material:

The client hereby grants Die Boer & Die Belg permission to use copies of the photographs and videos produced for their wedding under this service agreement for marketing and advertising purposes.


Bookings and payment terms:

We prefer that you view our facilities and meet with us before you pay your booking.

– Your booking will be confirmed on receipt of the completed and signed contract along with the booking fee.

– Payment of the venue hire will secure your booking.